Essay On Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Are Better Than Dogs


Down the ages, there have been much debate as to the relative merits of dogs and cats as pets concerning which of them make better pets. Various arguments have been put forward by both dog lovers and cat lovers. Several research works have gone into determining the actual facts as regards this debate. To be fair, each of the pet type has its relative merits and de-merits. However, for the unbiased, there is undeniable evidence that cats are in fact better than dogs as pets.

Reasons why Cats are better than Dogs

  • Athleticism: That cats are more athletic than dogs is true and undeniable. Cats are more agile and acrobatic with a greater sense of balance and body co-ordination. It is usually more difficult to get cats to dance than dogs but on the uncommon occasions when they are persuaded to dance they are far more graceful dancers than dogs. This is a fact and not an opinion.
  • Bravery and Good Problem Solving Skills: Cats are braver than dogs and are better problem solvers, making use of their lateral thinking skills to solve complex problems that are too difficult for dogs. A good example is the toy mouse beyond the door problem. The concept of door is beyond what a dog can conceive of. Cats have been noted for helping the helpless. Dogs on the other hand are more selfish.
  • Loyalty: Cats exhibit greater loyalty than dogs. They will stay with you throughout your life time and will change with you as you change over the years. A dog on the other hand has no qualms in leaving its owner for a more promising life elsewhere. Cats actually look better than dogs in selfies.
  • Hygiene: Cats are more hygienic and polite than dogs. A cat will not defecate in public places and will rather use a litter box. They will not lick your face in order to gain your attention but will rather wait patiently and politely. Dogs on the other hand, poop in public and have no qualms licking your face and pouring saliva all over you. Dogs mostly have to be cleaned up by their owners whereas cats groom themselves. Dogs are rather lousy because they are noisy whereas cats are silent and dignified.
  • Better Behaved: Cats are better behaved and more easily controlled than dogs. Unlike dogs, cats do not chew and destroy things like household furniture. A cat will not maul your guests unlike dogs who are regularly prone to such uncivil behaviour.

Many people today own a pet or some sort, but the most popular are dogs and cats. Everyone has their own particular reason for their choice of pet, but I prefer cats over dogs because cats are more independent than dogs. Firstly you never have to worry about trying to fit in 2 or 3 walks every day because with cats you don’t need that. For example, if you were tired or sick and you had a dog, you would still need to walk him/her. Or, it would cost money to hire someone else to walk your dog and it is a headache to arrange. Lastly you could put down enough food and drink and the cat would eat and drink when hungry or thirsty. A dog, on the other hand wouldn’t be able to regulate how much it should eat. Also a cat can go to the bathroom in a litter box, but a dog would need someone to take it out on a walk in order to go to the bathroom. Secondly cats are much quieter pets than dogs especially during times when you want to sleep or relax.

For example; let’s say an individual has a tiring day of work and wants to relax. They finally get comfortable when their dog hears a sound outside or sees another dog and starts barking uncontrollably whereas cats keep any moods they have to themselves. Cats do not feel a need to share their opinions with everyone around them. They keep quiet and do not bother with meowing at strangers. When friends arrive at your home, a dog goes into frenzy, barking, leaping and pawing at the newcomer. While the dog does everything possible for approval, from racing around the room to bouncing like a basketball, the cat is usually nowhere to be seen. Cats prefer to observe new arrivals from afar. Maybe, if the cat is in the mood, she’ll come out to acknowledge this new person with a tail twitch, a cautious once-over.

But that’s it. No effusive greetings, no jumping on laps or humping of legs. Lastly, cats make noise only when they need to not because they can. For example, if a dog is hungry he will not let you know he simply expects the owner to remember and if the owner accidentally forgets the dog will go hungry. Cats, on the other hand, will meow and purr constantly until their owner finally has enough and remembers that they have to feed their cat. Because cats are quieter than dogs, except when they need to be, they make the best pets. Thirdly, cats take much better care of themselves compared to dogs. Cats do not require baths due to the fact that cats clean themselves. For example, let’s say an individual has a busy day and when they wake up they notice their dog smells horrific however they do not have time to bathe the dog so the individual is stuck with a smelly dog all day running around their house. Cats will simply lick themselves clean and do not do much to get smelly.

According to Animal Planet, wild or domestic cats spend up to one-third of their time self-grooming. Secondly, cats do not need to be let outside to go to the bathroom; they have the common courtesy to do their business in the litter box, instead of all over your house and yard. Just one of the many reasons cats rule and dogs drool – literally. Also cats take much better care or their toys. You can give a cat a new toy to play with and it’ll keep it in its basket and it will last for a couple of years but a dog can demolish a new toy in five minutes flat. In conclusion, cats are much better pets than dogs. They can clean themselves: you don’t have to spend time walking them and finally, you can go away for the weekend and a cat can look after itself. They don’t require as much attention as others which is why they are much better pets.


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