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A Visit To A Book Fair

Last year, a book fair was held at Ludhiana. It was organized in the playground of a local college. Different publishers had put up their stalls and displayed their books/publications in these stalls. A large number of publishers including some international publishers like Prentice Hall of India, Orient Longman,  Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Pearson Limited, etc. were participating. Thousands of book-lovers and teachers and students from various institutions all over the state visited the book fair. Special concessions were given to teachers and libraries. Books on almost all subjects under the sun published by a variety of publishers could be seen under one canopy indifferent temporarily set-up shops. May attractive gifts were also being given with bulk purchases. I visited the fair for 3-4 hours every day and made purchases. I could get some rare books in the fair. The fair provided and excellent opportunity to one and all to buy the books of their choice at one goes. Such book fairs should be organized every year in all major cities of the country.


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Last year, during the month of February, the world book fair was held at the Pragati Maidan. One day, our class teacher decided to take our whole class to the fair. It was a Saturday, and the weather was quite fine. We reached the Pragati Maidan and bought tickets. We entered the fair. There were hundreds of bookstalls. We visited most of the bookstalls, both Indian as well as foreign. The books in each stall were orderly and beautifully arranged in shelves. The guides were helping the visitors. The salesmen in the stalls were quite efficient. They helped us in every possible way. There were books on almost every subject and topic. We saw biographies, autobiographies, and literary, scientific and philosophical works of world renowned writers. There was a special stall. It was the main attraction for the children. There were children’s classic tales from almost all over the world. The price range of the books was quite reasonable. There were books costing two to three rupees as well as ten thousand rupees. I bought some science reference books. I also bought ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow-white’ for my younger sister. Our teacher ordered books for the school library. I was really impressed to see books on such varied topics and subjects. I felt like taking home all the books but it was not possible. I enjoyed my visit to the fair.


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