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In a search for psychiatric nurse jobs, a well-written cover letter can be a powerful tool. Competition for these positions is fierce, so you need a letter that will attract the recruiter's attention at first glance. We will now take a look at how you can create a great cover letter, examining each portion of the letter.

Some Simple Basics

You want your cover letter to be on one page. It is meant to highlight your skills and background, not cover them in minute detail. An attached resume can provide a more detailed look at your background. If you know the name of the recruiter or hiring director, make sure you use it in your salutation.

Your name and contact information should be in block format in the upper left corner of the letter. Include your physical address, email address, home phone and cell phone. After a break (a blank line), put today's date. Then, after another break, put in a block with the name and title of the person for whom the letter is intended, the company name and the address.


You must attract the recruiter's attention right away and give him or her a reason to continue reading. Do not state something obvious like "I am interested in a psychiatric nursing job." Rather, provide something of your background and interest in the field. You might say something like, "As a recent graduate of State University's psychiatric nursing program, I am interested in filling the position you advertised." Or you could write something like, "With the experience I have as a nurse in St. John's psychiatric program, I am a natural fit for your open position."

If you have been referred by an employee or respected authority, by all means mention that in the opening. An example might be "I was referred by Dr. Soandso of State University to apply for the psychiatric nursing position."


Here is where you add some meat to the "bone" you mentioned in the first paragraph. Expand upon the skills and responsibilities you possess and how they might be an asset to your employer. If you worked with a wide variety of patients, mention that. If you specialized in a certain type of case, bring that up as well. If you managed other employees or performed other duties beyond that of a psychiatric nurse, mention this valuable experience. The ability to speak another language, experience in scheduling or handling money--these are valuable extras. Do, though, keep the main focus on your psychiatric background.

A sample paragraph:

"I graduated from St. John's University in the top ten percent of my major in psychiatric nursing and put my education to use at State Hospital, where I managed a wide variety of patients, including children and acute cases. I was responsible for the training of eight interns during my time at State."


Restate your interest in the position and summarize why you would be a good employee. Thank the recruiter for his or her consideration and end with a professional closing, such as, "Respectfully yours." Make sure you check the letter carefully for any spelling or grammar errors.

If you need additional tips on great nursing cover letters, visit this website:

Psychiatric Nurse Cover Letter


A psychiatric nurse cover is a document that helps the employer to understand all about your experience, knowledge and skills. Working in the healthcare sector is a highly responsible job and employers may not even consider interviewing you if they are not assured of your competency. It is therefore advised that you prepare a cover letter including the most necessary information.

To write a perfect cover letter, you need precision and clarity of information. The benefit with a cover letter is that you get a chance to elaborate the information which otherwise is not possible in a resume. A cover letter is no longer than a single A4 sheet and within this space, you have to fill the information and present it nicely so that the employer can easily gauge your potential.

Job of a Psychiatric Nurse

A psychiatric nurse is employed to look after the needs of psychiatric patients in a mental health clinic or psychiatric healthcare department in a hospital. Psychiatric nurse prepares individual care and treatment plans for patients. Sometimes a patient may turn violent or display abnormal behavior and the psychiatric nurse has to intervene to prevent any harm to the patient or other people around.

Before you move ahead to write a personalized psychiatric nurse cover letter, read these samples to learn about the format of a cover letter and how it needs to be prepared to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Sample Psychiatric Nurse Cover Letter

Sample One

Tracie Roth
586, University Hill Road
Indiana 62510
United States

Date: September 21, 2011

Annie Meads
Hiring Officer
Drummond Psychiatry Center
3200, Shady Pines Drive
Indiana 62514
United States

Dear Ms. Meads,

I am writing this application to express my interest and qualifications for the position of Psychiatric Nurse advertised on Health Guide. I have completed six years working in this profession and would like to serve your organization with my skills.

Currently I am working at Meguro Rehabilitation Center. I joined this job after completing associate degree in nursing from Indiana University of Medical Science. Working in this position, I have dealt with all kinds of patients with complicated psychiatry issues. I can easily handle the mentally challenged patients and their uncalled and violent behavior in the premises.

I have adapted myself to be available at the beck and call of doctors. I can also prepare the documents related to medical administration and treatment for the patients. If provided with a chance, I will definitely live up to your expectations and ensure that the job responsibilities are duly fulfilled.

Please call me on 217-563-8049 or send a mail at for further communication. I thank you and expect to meet you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Tracie Roth


Certificates (Photocopies)

Sample Two

Sylvia J. Wilson
230, Rosewood Avenue
Indiana 62513
United States

Date: September 21, 2011

Michael N. King
Recruitment Officer
Roosevelt Psychiatry Institute
4528, Buckhannon Avenue
Indiana 62519
United States

Reference: Jeff S. Brown, Accounts Executive, Roosevelt Psychiatry Institute

Dear Mr. King,

I am writing this letter in reference to my conversation with Jeff S. Brown, who told me about the requirement of Psychiatry Nurse in your institute. Please accept my application and allow me to elaborate further about my experience so that you can decide whether I am a perfect candidate for this position or not.

I am employed at Schiller Healthcare Foundation since the last five years in the position of psychiatry nurse. I got this job after I completed a certificate course in nursing from Indianapolis Academy of Health Sciences. My experience in this profession ranges from preparation of MAR (Medical Administration Records) to handling unusual behavior of patients. I have worked for patients of different age groups and suffering from the most severe mental disorders.

If you give me a chance to serve you, I will definitely fulfill your expectations by providing excellent services without giving a chance to complain.

Kindly find my documents attached along with the application. You can reach me at 213-569-7508 or send an e-mail at if there is any other information that you may require. Thank you for your valuable time.

Sincerely yours,
Sylvia J. Wilson


Photocopies of certificates

With these samples, it becomes easy for you to prepare a personalized psychiatric nurse cover letter as it provides you the standard format where you just need to fill in details that describe you as a competent psychiatric nurse.

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