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January 20 to February 18

In a nutshell…
Aquarius, you embody paradox: rebel/conformist, serious brainiac/playful perma-teenager, consistency-lover/radical-change queen. This inner tension leads to your life periodically taking an unpredictable 90-degree turn. For others, such dramatic changes would be a sign of a total personality makeover; for you, it’s more like changing an outfit. To be fair, clothing decisions stress you out, but once a decision becomes action, you’re generally happy just to be doing something new. Starting May of this year, a major veer to the left is coming. If a move has been brewing, quit fretting and just do it. If a move hasn’t been brewing, it might well happen anyway. Insights and opportunities come fast and furious over the next several years. Expect excitement and stress, making that perfect rut you’ve been pacing intolerable. The longer you spend debating and researching choices, the more of a toll stress will take on your nervous system. Your best bet is to leap feet-first into a new, fun experience. So long as you clue friends, family, and colleagues in about where you’ve gone, you’ll leave your bridges intact behind you in case you want to return. My guess, though, Aquarius, is that you’re just going to keep zig-zagging your way forward.

This past October, Jupiter, planet of luck, entered your house of reputation and career. It remains there until November 2018, providing you with more and better professional opportunities. Your reputation is enlarged, meaning more people will hear about what you’re up to. All the more reason to be your most altruistic self, since negative rumors will spread as far as good ones. You thoroughly embrace the egalitarian ideal, approaching everyone as a potential friend. The problem for you is getting caught up in humanitarian theories, neglecting to back them up with action. This year, people will be especially receptive to what you’re saying, so what you do or don’t can either bring you rewards or bite you in the ass. No one (except your inner perfectionist) expects total consistency from you, Aquarius, but they do assume you’ll finish what you started. As you take on new, stimulating projects, be sure to see through any passion projects you begin. The trick here is seeing beyond the surface sparkle to what makes you feel vividly alive.

No person is an island, nor can they keep their options open forever. 2018 continues 2017’s theme of setting course based on your heart and putting love front and center. How do you choose a person to love? It’s not so complicated, Aquarius, but it does mean listening to those irrational feelings. Your sense of joy will always be spot on. Pick the one who sends you into a giggle fit, who emboldens you, who eggs on your kid side. Once you’ve made your choice, be a good teammate. The more time you spend luxuriating, creating, playing, and making decisions together, the stronger and more loving the relationship will be. P.S. If your relationship makes you feel dead inside, it is kinder to yourself and your partner to let it go.

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

Это где-то здесь, - твердо сказала Сьюзан.  - Надо думать. Есть различие, которое мы все время упускаем.


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