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If you select this option, the University Library will publish your dissertation on the RWTH Publications server for you.

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Please note: It is necessary to book a dissertation submission appointment.

Option 2

Selecting this option ensures that your dissertation is published in print and online simultaneously via RWTH Publications. If you decide to do this, please bear the following points in mind:

  • Clarify any legal queries with the publishing house in good time.
  • Please ensure that you grant the publishing house non-exclusive rights of use and not exclusive rights of use to your work. The latter is common practice for many publishing houses.


  1. Fill in the Online Form.
  2. Upload your publication (PDF and original format e.g. Word or LaTeX).
  3. The PDF file will be made available and accessible online after official approval and authorization by the faculty in question.
  4. The author agreement will be displayed at the end of the online form. Please print out the form and sign it.
  5. By signing the author agreement, you agree to grant RWTH Aachen University Library the right to disseminate your work online.
  6. Book a dissertation submission appointment.
  7. Submit your signed author agreement to:

    University Library
    Templergraben 61
    52062 Aachen

    E-gallery, room EE 016

    It is also possible to submit the documents via mail.

Please note: As of January 2015, the University Library only accepts 1 printed copy (archive copy) of online dissertations. This change currentlyaffects dissertations from the faculties stated below, which have implemented new doctoral degree regulations and guidelines: the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences (Faculty 1), the Faculty of Architecture (Faculty 2), the Faculty of Civil Engineering (Faculty 3), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Faculty 4), the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Faculty 6), the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Faculty 7), the School of Business and Economics (Faculty 8) and the Faculty of Medicine (Faculty 10).

Benefits of Publishing Online

  • Your work has enhanced visibility worldwide and is more easily accessible and searchable.

  • Your work contains a permanent, stable URL, which means that it can be cited reliably.

  • You only need to grant the University Library non-exclusive rights of use to your work. You are then free to republish your work at any time.

In this paper we discuss the proposals for processes which have already been realised in form of bench scale units or which have been planned, as well as those which have a high degree of development potential. A part of these cycles have in common the splitting of sulfuric acids which causes corrosion problems unsolved up to now. The essential part of the metal/metal hydride-processes is a hydrogen permeable membrane which separates the hydrogen acceptor from the water containing electrolyte melt. Actually we are intending to build up a lab cycle using a TiNi-basis membrane. The metal membranes offer a number of further interesting applications, such as (1) hydrogen production from gas mixtures at high temperatures, and (2) tritium separation from the helium of the HTR primary cooling circuit. A further promising process is the hydrocarbon hybrid cycle, in which the reduction of methanol to methane and oxygen is the key reaction. Till now we can detect a methane yield of up to 50%. An interesting combined procedure for the production of hydrogen and electricity is proposed, where sulphuric acid is decomposed by means of coal. The detailed mass and energy balance shows an efficiency of up to 57%. Thermodynamic analysis for the watersplitting cycles indicates efficiencies of up to 50%. Further research and development work is necessary in order to solve material problems and to demonstrate the suitability and availablity of the techniques using larger scale laboratory and prototype units.


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