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The proverb means that time once lost is lost forever. When we get a good opportunity, we must make the maximum use of it. If we cannot make use of it, it is lost forever. Time and tide has its own course. It does not wait for anyone. When the proper time for taking some action comes, we must act immediately. Once we miss it, we may never come across such an opportune moment. There is no meaning in regretting over the loss. We must not miss the tide when it is favourable. If we miss the tide, we may have to wait for a long time and that may put us to much inconvenience. Thus the proverb stresses the need to do our duty in time if a student wastes his time at school; he is missing the golden opportunity of a sound education. Only when he grows up, he would realize the loss. A farmer dries the hay when the sun shines. If he does it in rain, the hay will decay. A blacksmith strikes the iron rod and gives it the shape when it is hot. Once the rod gets cold, he cannot give it the required shape. In conclusion, it can be said that it is not wise on our part to delay an action. When we are presented with an opportunity, we must decide quickly and act promptly. Moreover, regretting a lost opportunity will not do us any good.

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Proverb time and tide wait for none

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Time and tide wait for none school essay

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