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This lesson is based on California's Middle School Integrated Model of NGSS.

NGSS Performance Expectation: MS-PS1-5 - Develop and use a model to describe how the total number of atoms does not change in a chemical reaction and thus mass is conserved.

Disciplinary Core Idea: PS1.B: Chemical Reactions – The total number of each type of atom is conserved, and thus the mass does not change.

Science and Engineering Practice 2: Developing and Using Models

Crosscutting Concepts: Energy and Matter

Chemical reactions are mysterious things that happen at a molecular level that may be hard for students to grasp. Atoms must abide by the Law of Conservation of Mass, which states that atoms cannot be created or destroyed in chemical reactions, atoms are simply rearranged (PS1.B).

Balancing chemical reactions is a skill that improved with repetition. Periodic Table Puzzle pieces are used to show students that atoms are rearranged in chemical reactions (MS-PS1-5, SP2). The Law of Conservation of Mass applies to matter and explains a fundamental concept in chemistry, but can also be applied to the conservation of energy (CCC Energy and Matter - Matter is conserved because atoms are conserved in physical and chemical processes).

Unit 5 Balancing Chemical Equations and Reaction Types


Unit Five is devoted to chemical equations.  The three main topics of this short unit are balancing chemical equations, identifying reaction types, and redox reactions.  Please use the following PowerPoints to help with your comprehension of the topics discussed in this unit.  Also, the vocabulary worksheet for this unit is here.


Day 1 - This day is used to introduce chemical equations and the majority of the time is devoted to balancing chemical equations.

PowerPoint - Chemical Reactions

Notesheet - Notesheet

Homework - Homework Sheet


Day 2 - On this day, we continued to practice balancing chemical equations and also spent time classifying chemical reactions.

PowerPoint - Types of Reactions  

Notesheet - Notesheet

Homework - Homework Sheet


Day 3 - Today, we finished the notes on reaction types and practiced predicting products of reactions.  Also a lab on Single Replacement Labs was completed.

PowerPoint - Predicting Products

Back of Notesheet from yesterday

In class Examples - Examples

Homework - Predicting Products Homework


Day 4 - Redox Reactions - This day was devoted to classifying redox reactions.  As a result, oxidation numbers were reviewed.

PowerPoint - Redox Reactions

Notesheet - Redox Reactions Notesheet

Group Work Paper - Redox Group Work

Homework - Page 611: 6-9 and Page 634: 39-46


Day 5 - Organic Reactions - This day was used to identify some organic chemistry reaction types and a polymer lab was conducted.

PowerPoint - Organic Chemistry Reaction Types

Video: Here is a stop motion video with the different examples from class: Organic Reaction Video 

Notesheet - Organic Chemistry Reaction Types Notes

Homework - Crossword Puzzle


Review materials:

Study Guide Answer Key

Matching Section Help (There will be 14 from each list on the test)      Here are the Answers, just in case your web page doesn't work.

Return Block Answer Key

Warm Up Activity - Review Day (Blank, Answers)

Review Game

This video was found by a fellow student and they said they found it very helpful for learning how to balance equations:

Thank you Austin for finding and sharing this video.


Also, here are some videos I made on some topics from this unit.  Unfortunately, these are older videos and use the old periodic table and a flip camera.  The flip camera option didn't provide a very clear video so I believe that the MOBI Board provides a better video.  Unfortunately, I could not update them because my  MOBI board is not working properly. Hopefully, you will still find the information helpful.

Balancing Example Video 

Will This Reaction Occur? Video 

Assigning Oxidation Numbers Video 

Redox Agents Video 

Is This a Redox Reaction? Video 



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