Mgt 311 Week 4 Individual Assignment Part 2

Conflict Management PlanMGT/311 Version 11University of Phoenix MaterialConflict Management Plan1.Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses.StrategyStrengthsWeaknessesCompetitive strategyShort term result. Increase in output/result.Fails in the long- run.It breaks down the inter-personal relationships.Avoidance strategy Results into immediate positive result.Cools down the emotions and temperament and thus allow people to seek for additional information. It does not provide any solution by itself. It is just an ad-hoc measure has no long run solution.Compromise strategy It may provide the last resort as other alternatives have exhausted.It allows people to think about others and develops empathy. It brings down the share/goal of each person.It leads to forced decision and may not be long lasting as there is danger of re-occurring of conflict.Collaboration strategy Leads to innovation and co-creation.Long lasting relationships and creates win/win situation.

Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action PlanMGT/311 Version 11University of Phoenix MaterialEmployee Portfolio: Motivation Action PlanDetermine the motivational strategy or strategies that would likely be most appropriate for each of your three employees, based on their individual characteristics. Indicate how you would leverage their employee evaluations to motivate each of the three employees. Describe one or more of the motivational theories and explain how the theories connect to each of your selected motivational strategies.Team MemberPerformanceRatingSummary of AssessmentsMotivational Strategy and ActionPlanRelevant TheoryEdward JonesEven thoughtthere is someconsiderationthe candidateneeds to takecare of, he isappropriatefor the jobThe employee has a higher jobsatisfaction and he is quite deliberate. His strengths are represented by optimism, hard work capabilities, and higher emotional intelligence.


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