Poland To Uk Migration Case Study A Level

As school owner, Don Alejandro, you permitted me in 2012 to use this blog - paid for at my own expense - for an educational resource in Elians British School, La Nucia, since teachers had no way of putting resources on your school website. School websites in the UK are curriculum resources; your Elians website is simply a place to put pretty pictures of your school to attract paying customers.

When I was sacked on 1 March 2018 your IT Department changed all my passwords but maybe you forgot my students and their parents look at this blog for Geography work. The stats show the blog has seen ten times more visitors since Mr Lakin gave me your letter terminating my contract.

I came here to teach in the Costa Blanca following seven years in the well-known Archbishop's School in Canterbury, under the leadership of inspirational headmaster Alasdair Hogarth. In 2005 our team achieved an Ofsted inspection report which was OUTSTANDING in every category. So when I came to work here I was proud to have played my part in a truly professional team. I have always been a team player in school, as colleagues in Elians know.

In contrast, Mr Tim Lakin arrived here in Elians as your Executive Director after being IES UK Manager, where his IES Breckland School was in 2014 rated INADEQUATE by Ofsted in every category - including school leadership - and immediately put into SPECIAL MEASURES.

If pupils cannot be taught English successfully in a UK school led by Mr Lakin, it does pose questions about the chances of improving English for second language learners here, don't you think?

Mr Lakin treats the staff with contempt and styles himself "Uncle Tim" which many staff find patronising, infantilising, or just plain creepy.

Thanks, Don Alejandro, for inflicting such "leadership" on your hard-working underpaid staff.

Yours sincerely,

Mr G.Thomas
Teacher of Geography
B.Hum. (1st Class Hons), M.A. (with distinction), PGCE (Canterbury), sacked 1 March 2018 while asking for decent wages and conditions for all Elians teaching staff.

Where Is Everyone Migrating?

˜Due to SEEP factors, many polish citizens have migrated to the UK. ˜

The city that has received the most immigrants is Peterborough.

Why Is Everyone Migrating?

˜Polish citizens are migrating to the UK for a better life in general. SEEP factors are causing them to do so.

We can analyse these by looking at them as push and pull factors.

Push & Pull Factors

˜Push Factors – Influence emigration. Pull factors – Influence immigration.

These push and pull factors can be advantageous or disadvantageous for both Poland and the UK.

Advantages For Poland

˜Money is sent back home, hence improving the polish economy. (Economic)

˜Decreases pressure on jobs and resources. (Social + Environmental)

˜Migrants return home with new skills. (Social)

Disadvantages For Poland

˜Unemployment increases. (Social)

˜Due to a smaller workforce, GDP decreases. (Economic)

˜There is a demographic unbalance as mostly men leave. (Social)

Advantages For The UK

˜Unemployment decreases. (Social)

˜Due to a larger workforce, GDP increases. (Economic)

˜There is a more enriched, diverse culture. (Social)

Disadvantages For The UK

˜There is more pressure on resources. (Environmental)

˜People may experience the social pressures of losing an “English feel”. (Social)

˜The economy is impacted as some migrants send money home. (Economic)

Impact On Population Structure

Most migrants will be people looking for jobs, therefore, the 20-35 year old demographic will see a large increase in the short run. There will be a bigger increase on the male side of the population pyramid rather than the female as generally, more males migrate to look for jobs.

In the long run, some of the illegal migrants may have a child that works as an “anchor baby”, hence increasing the 0-9 year old demographic. This happens because if a illegal migrant is discovered, it is harder to send them back home if they have a child with British nationality.


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