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Tupac Shakur 1971-1996
Born: June 16, 1971 in New York, New York, United States
Died: September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Ethnicity: African American
Occupation: Rap Musician, Musician, Actor
"Don't shed a tear for me ... / I ain't happy here / I hope they bury me and send me to my rest / Headlines readin' murdered to death."--from "If I Die Tonight" on Me against the World (1995)
With his tattoo-splattered physique, piercing deep-set eyes, and shaved head, Tupac Amaru Shakur came across as middle America's worst nightmare, the darkest strain of hip-hop. To fans, Shakur was only "thuggin' against society, thuggin' against the system that made me," as he once rapped.…show more content…

His first and middle name (Tupac Amaru) come from an Inca prince, while his surname (Shakur) means "thankful to God" in Arabic. By then, Garland was no longer seeing Afeni, and he didn't see Tupac until his son filmed Juice in 1992.
Tupac always cited his family background as a source of underlying conflict --along with the gap between his mother's revolutionary ideals and living with relatives or in homeless shelters. "Here we was," he told Rolling Stone, "kickin' all this [talk] about the revolution--and we starvin'. That didn't make no sense to me." He held greater admiration for Legs, an associate of reputed Harlem druglord Nicky Barnes, until Tupac discovered that it was Legs who had introduced Afeni to crack cocaine. (Legs later died of a crack-induced heart attack.)
But Tupac showed a flair for performing; at fifteen, he won enrollment to the Baltimore School for the Arts, taking roles in several productions there. "I was writing poetry," he told Rolling Stone, "and I became known as MC New York, because I was rapping, and then I was doing the acting thing.... It was the freest I ever felt in my life." That ended at seventeen, when his family moved to Marin City,

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Tupac Shakur Essay

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Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was one of the most influential artist of our last decade. He not only made several albums, but was also a large role in many films and a poet. Millions of people bought and still buy his albums. He was a pioneer to gangster rap, and he sang about things that mattered. Although, he was a role model and was admired by many, he also had a lot of enemies, and in the end, his enemies over powered his fans by taking his life. Some say that he may still be alive, but no one really knows. Tupac Shakur was born Lesane Parish Crooks in Brooklyn, NY, on June 16, 1971. His mother Afen Shakur changed his name when he was a small child to Tupac Amura after an Inca-Indian revolutionary, "Tupac Amura," meaning…show more content…

That's when Tupac began to hang out with the wrong crowd. When he turned 15, he fell into rap, and started writing lyrics, forming his New York background for all it was worth. He called himself Mc New York and made people believe he was a tough guy. By the time Tupac was 20 he had been arrested eight times, and served eight months in prison, after being convicted of sexual abuse. Tupac then joined the rap group, Digital Underground, as a dancer. Shortly before the group received award-winning success, Tupac released his own album, "2Pacalypse Now," which was a great success. His hit single, "Brenda's Got A Baby," sky-rocketed his career. His remarkable talent got him a role in the motion picture "Juice." Eventually he released his second album, "Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z.," which was even a bigger hit and introduced his music to the pop charts. On November 30, 1994, Tupac entered a Time Square studio accompanied by Stretch, one of his close friends, and his manager, Freddie Moore. There was a black man sitting on the desk in the entrance way of the office building. The man got up from the desk as two other men walked through the door. The three men followed him to the elevators, drew their guns and yelled, "Give up the jewelry, and get on the floor!" Instead, Tupac went for one of the guns, during his struggle, he was shot five times throughout his body, including two shots to the head. The robbers got away with $40,000 in

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