Standard Chartered International Graduate Program Online Case Study

6.What is your application process?

The first step in our online application process is a short application form. After this form you will be invited to take our online Strengths Assessment, which is designed to help you, and us, get a sense of what you are great at. As soon as you complete this assessment you will receive your own ‘Superpower Report’ over email. This will tell you what the assessment tells us about your strengths.

To be great at the types of roles we offer, we are on the lookout for people with a certain combination of strengths. Everyone who progresses past the Strengths Assessment will be invited to take our Abstract and Numerical tests.

Again, we will email you immediately with a report fully describing your results.

Finally, for all those who progress beyond ability testing, the last online step is a strengths based video interview. This is our first chance to meet you properly and ask you questions about how you like to work.

You're doing big business.

What is Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients and Corporate Finance?

Our Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients business serves the banking needs of our global and large scale enterprise, financial institutions and government clients. Getting to know our biggest clients, their businesses and challenges is core to the work of these teams. These teams are responsible for providing global expertise and local support, and bring together the right people from across the Bank to craft the right solutions for our clients.

Projects and experiences

Corporate Finance helps clients build their businesses through financial and strategic advice. The teams offer a range of products including Mergers and Acquisitions, Leveraged Finance, Project and Export Finance, Structured Trade Finance, Principal Finance and Structured Finance.

This stream offers the opportunity to experience both our Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients and Corporate Finance businesses. In your first year we will provide you with the broadest possible exposure and experience. Below are some of the projects and opportunities you can expect as part of our Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients and Corporate Finance stream:

  • Build financial models and provide the analysis and insight on the impacts of different capital structures
  • Originate deals, prepare and pitch to clients
  • Work on critical research and provide insights to deal teams on key markets, industries and clients
  • Work with teams across the bank to manage credit approval processes, onboard clients and take responsibility for account planning
Opportunities and roles

At the end of your one year Programme, you will choose your role within our Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients or Corporate Finance businesses. Below are some of the roles our International Graduates have chosen at the end of the one-year Programme:

  • Analyst, Oil & Gas
  • Analyst, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Associate, Client Coverage
  • Analyst, Metals & Mining

What can I expect during my year as an IG in Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients and Corporate Finance?


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