Mega Essays Cancellation Policy

Megaessays is not a new but still developing website. It is rough, and the design of the website is too raw. Wherever you click, you are being asked to pay for the account. Even if you want to review the Money Back Guarantee, you see a couple of lines about this in F.A.Q. and more you can see when you pay for your account and see the whole site. To me, mega sign up is simple paying form for plagiarized essays. By using some advanced types of account, you may get critiques or even papers written for you, but they are not really professional. So it is only a database with examples of how your work should be done but without the formatting, as it doesn't reflect on the website. There is no contact information except the small message form so in case of any issue it will be a hard task to get someone to look into the problem. They have some information on the refund page which was presented here. The refund policy is vague, and if you don't disable it on time, they may charge you every month for a long time. 

2. Pros and Cons



  • No information about the site.
  • High prices just for registration on this website.
  • Low quality.


3. Online reputation

There are no trustful websites with ratings for this service. Wherever I searched, I couldn't find any valid information. It seems that all websites that have at least some mega essays review are written in some other languages and held by foreign hosts. As there are no actual mega essays reviews, I cannot say anything good about this service. Is mega essays safe? Without the clients' reviews, we cannot be sure of it. 


They do not guarantee any refunds for subscription fees the only way to stop them charging you is to fill out the form 

So basically, it will redirect you to

MegaEssays does not guarantee any grades and permit use of the materials presented only as materials with proper referencing to their website.

5.Types of Services

Mega essay company provides only the samples from their libraries and some time you can get a custom written paper that they try to hide from all who check their website.

6.Ordering Process

The ordering process at is pretty simple. First, when you on their home page click the Join button.


Then you will see the registration form. For some reason, it requires some specific emails, so I had to try a couple of my emails before it finally accepted. The window looks like this

Once it is done, you will be forwarded to the payment page. That was weird as you even don't get any account till you pay.

If you complete the payment, you see the full essays and can get a critique depends on which plan you have bought. 

7.Prices and Fees

The prices are $19.95 for a basic account for 30 days, $39.95 for Plus account for 90 days, and the last one is a PRO account for $59.95.


8.Paper Quality

The quality of the samples is different. Most of them can be used only as a kick-starter for your own research as there are many grammar mistakes there. However, the critique can be useful for some of them. Proofreading services are not included in the price. 


9.Customer Support

There is no mega essays customer support as well as mega essays free account. You may only send them a request through this form


10.Offers and Extra Services


There are no extra features except the plans you buy there. So the difference is only in the time frame given for the access and paper critique attached. With an advanced account, you can get a bigger critique which is actually a new essay. 

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